Poonam; 20.
Unhealthy obsession with Katrina Kaif

make me choose

anon: katrina or kareena?

make me choose

bollywoodkamazaa: sidharth or varun?

Arjun & Alia for Harper’s Bazaar Bride

Amrita Rao as Poonam in Vivah

"I’m not scared of being judged. What would scare me is lying so much that it becomes my truth. When I joined the industry, people commented, ‘how does this girl dress, and how does she talk!’ I don’t want to change who I am, because if I do then I’ll be a fake. Sometimes, I feel, don’t these people get exhausted for not saying what they feel like? I would be bloody exhausted if I couldn’t be myself. If you’re an actor, act on-screen, why do it off-screen too?"