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MALIKA ( nimbooda )  ;*

 HAPPY BIRTHDAY YOU WONDROUS PERSON, YOU ! :’> I hope you have a great birthday and all your wishes come true! you are amazing and lovely and i am so glad i found you here oh my gosh! you’re a wonderful, lovely and just kind. Also did I mention that you’re beautiful? you help people and aren’t a snob. I admire that from you. You keep doing your thing, love. You’re an inspiration to me ♥. I Hope your day goes perfectly and everything works out and that you just have a really great year in general and a great life ahead :’) good luck with all your endeavors and happy happy happy birthday! I miss you and I love you! I wish you all the best that this world has got to offer. I pray that God will bless you even more. Good luck on your life ♥  And lastly, I wish you enough smiles so that you will forget to frown. I wish you enough laughter so that you will forget to cry. I wish you enough love so that you will forget to hate. I wish you enough happiness so that you will forget everything that makes you feel sad, bad and blue in this world :’) 



Happy Birthday Huma Qureshi (28th July 1986)

Na Koi Kisi Se Door Hota Hai,
Na Koi Kisi K Kareeb Hota Hai,
Zindagi Khud Hi Nazdeek La Deti Hai,
Jab Koi Kisi Ke Naseeb Mein Hota Hai…

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"engine ki seeti mein maaro bum dole"


bollywood quotes
¶ If I manage to bring a smile on people's faces,
then I think I'll be successful.