katrina has ruined my life, happily.
If you like katrina kaif, eating and reading we might have a lot in comman. ♡

"If your equation with a person fails, it doesn’t mean that you have failed."
- Kangana Ranaut

(◕‿◕✿) sigh

dil laga liya maine

Katrina Kaif for Elle October 2011


 Yeh hoti hai asli ladki … chutki mein Bipasha, chutki mein Madhubala. 

Even after meeting, I didn’t meet you, don’t know why.
of miles, 
there are distances from you, don’t know why.
unknown series links are there, 
attached to you, don’t know why.
dreams are there, below the eyelids, because of you, don’t know why…